"Pine Trees Super Nanny Says...."

As I’m sure you will agree, being a parent is the best thing in the world but it comes with it’s own challenges and no baby was ever born with their own manual! As a mum myself I’m a great believer in listening to your own maternal instincts and trusting yourself, however, we all need help and support sometimes and that is where we come in!

Parents often ask us for advice on various topics depending on what stage their child is at. In the Buttercup room the most common concerns are sleep routines, weaning or separation anxiety, whereas in the Daisies you find the concerns are more focused around toilet training and behavioural management issues such as biting, then finally, moving onto the Sunflower Room our biggest request tends to be discipline and preparing for school.

These are all topics we can help you with and we fully encourage that you work with us. Collaborative working and consistency are often the key to solving these common parenting challenges. So on this page it’s a case of move over Jo Frost and welcome our very own Super Nanny! Choose from a range of advice sheets and watch out for our Super Nanny blog!


Eating Fruit & Veg

We often get asked how does Janet our cook manage to get the children to eat all their lunch? The truth is there are lots of reasons why but the main two are good home cooked food and a little bit of peer pressure! Sitting round the table as a family is so important at meal times. Not only is it a time to talk and share news about you day but it lets your children learn from you as parents how to behave at the table and trying new foods. It is similar in the nursery, the children are encouraged to make lunchtime a dining experience and the simple matter of sitting with friends encourages them to eat their meals when they see others do the same. Also they often have a nice nutritious dessert to look forward to!  Fruit and vegetables can be tricky for a fussy eater. A good way round this is to make ice lollies with fruit and veg smoothies. Carrots and pineapples, beetroot and raspberries are some of our favourites.Other vegetables like spinach are an excellent addition to any smoothie or ice lolly filling them with lots of nutrients and great for rehydrating. Just be careful not to add fruit juices as these can full of hidden sugars. This also makes a super science activity with older children looking what happens when you mix things together and the different colours and tastes that emerge.