Come inside and a have a look. There is so much to see and do to help our children grow and have fun.

The Buttercup Room

The Buttercup Room is led by Heather Lucas, a Senior Nursery Practitioner. We can accommodate up to 24 Buttercup Babies (birth to 2 years) in this room with a staff ratio of 1:3. By following the Pre-Birth to Three and Realising Ambition your child will take part in various different types of daily play; physical, sensory, creative, musical and story time are just some examples of a child’s experience in this room.

The Daisy Room

The Daisy Room is led by Senior Practitioner Mary Emery. Mary has been part of the Pine Trees Family for over 14 years and has over twenty years experience in providing child care services. The Daisy room can accommodate 20 children and has a staff ration of 1:5. Our Daisy children follow a very active timetable, continuing some of the basic routines they followed in the Buttercup Room but introducing some new routines and activities to promote their increasing independence and confidence.

The Sunflower Room

The Sunflower Room is led by Senior Practitioner Lorraine Fulton, and can accommodate up to 54 children with a staff ratio of 1:8. Preparing for Primary School is about providing high quality educational experiences to build your child’s confidence, abilities and experience. As per National guidelines we follow the Curriculum for Excellence, an educational programme that aims to grow successful learners, confidant individuals, responsible citizens and effective contributors.
The key is that as a whole Nursery we offer a range of curricular experiences which enable your child to learn, explore and be their best. Each individual child has a tailored approach to help them reach their milestones and we do this using our online programme to record their learning and development. By providing our children with a wide variety of experiences and extra-curricular services we hope to enhance their abilities and allow each to grow with confidence.