The decision to enroll your child in a daycare nursery is an emotive decision and often a difficult one to make.

As a nursery we want to support you as best as we can and give you a real insight to your child’s day here at Pine Trees and an understanding of the practice that lies behind the play. Currently, nurseries in Scotland should be following two key guidelines produced by the Scottish Government:

  • Pre-Birth to Three: Positive Outcomes for Scotland’s Children and Families
  • Curriculum for Excellence (this document is for 3-18 year olds)

Here at Pine Trees our practitioners understand the significance of their role in promoting: Rights of the Child; Relationships; Responsive Care and Respect which are referred to as the Four R’s which lie at the heart of the Pre-birth to Three Framework. Parents often ask how the Four R’s actually work in practice. It’s simple, it’s about getting to know your baby so that we can be responsive to their needs and wants and offer the best quality care. It’s understanding when they are tired, hungry, thirsty or perhaps just needing a change of scenery or activity. Babies communicate in their own special way and it’s our practitioner’s role to pick up on all these cues and respond accordingly. We make it our job to get to know your child and spend time working with you and your child so that we are confident of their routines and their likes and dislikes with which to provide a starting point. It’s then our job to spend time with your child and listen to them. Words are this stage are irrelevant, babies communicate in so many different ways at this stage, it’s just about learning their language. And this is something our practitioners do very well! The Birth to Three Curriculum provides a platform from which we can help our babies develop and reach their individual milestones. First smile, first word, first step…….let us be part of your child’s firsts! For more information on the Birth to Three Guidelines click here.