Pine Trees Explorers!

Every child loves to explore and thankfully at Pine Trees we do too! Making the most of our surroundings is so important and offering our children a wide variety of play and learning experiences.

Much of our educational content is child led and this means that we let their interests and questioning guide the direction of learning. In the past this had led us on a trip to the airport to find out how propellors turn or on a visit to the local veterinary centre to find out how horses sleep standing up! The very process of travelling to our destination and organising transport is a learning journey in itself and one that the children get great excitement from.

In addition to spontaneous learning we organise planned outings, our most recent being a trip to the Transport Museum in Glasgow which was a fantastic day.

Of course sometimes it’s nice to bring the outside world here to Pine Trees. We regularly organise visitors to the nursery whether that be from the community policeman to talk about Stranger Danger or from the local farmer to show off his tractor wheels! Always a great hit with the children and staff too!