We have one main aim – to grow healthy happy children! Children thrive when they are safe, happy, loved and cared for and that is what we do well at Pine Trees.

Combine this ethos with a stimulating and challenging environment and the results are confident and happy children!

Quality and care go hand in hand here at Pine Trees and as a team we work hard to do our best ensuring we provide first class care and education for your child thus ensuring they are well prepared for the educational journey that lies ahead.

The same ethos applies to our team at Pine Trees who are such a integral part to your child’s experience here. Our staff are also on a continuous learning journey themselves and are encouraged to attain and share new skills via a variety of in-house and external training.

  • We aim to grow healthy happy children in an environment that encourages the child to  learn and develop to the best of their ability.
  • We aim to support the children in their learning journey using a variety of traditional and  modern approaches to educational practice.
  • We use experience and play to create the foundation for learning to feed hungry little  minds.
  • We teach our children to respect and care for one another and those around them.

“Growing Healthy Happy Children”